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We can ensure that your pet will have more than enough time outside. It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun they’ll be having. Outdoor activities not only provide an opportunity for exercise, but also help to curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialise with other animals.


Hourly Walks

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Day Rates


One on One/ Socialisation

Does your dog only need an hour or two of exercise? If so, this is the service you need. We include pick up and drop off in our price, and it won't infringe on the walking time. A well exercised and mentally stimulated dog is guaranteed.

Working a long shift? or perhaps you are out for the day with friends and family? We will pick up your dog first thing in the morning, and drop off at the end of the day to your home. There won't be any point that your dog is left alone, and 2 walks are included in the cost, as a minimum.

Does your dog not socialise well with others? We have a service that includes exercise in a secure 3 acre field, or on lead walking in quieter areas. Or perhaps you have a young dog that needs to meet more canine friends. Socialisation is a great way for your pet to get some exercise and meet some new friends at the same time. We offer one on one walking and socialisation daily for those furry pals who have a whole lot of energy to burn.

Services : Outdoor Activities
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